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Re: organization/archiving methods (dvd, db, etc).

I do like Homebrew101, kinda. I try to fill the DVD to its capacity, preferably with the same artist & number the discs sequentially. I like his technique of saving the md5, txt, ffp files on the HD for quick reference... gonna have to start doing that. Anyway, what I do...

I archive 'em on data DVDs just the way I got them. I number the DVDs sequentially on the inner hub. I use ListMaker (freeware) to quickly create a list of all the files on the disc, then copy & paste it into my "Files on DVD" document. Eventually I move it to a Db, but until then I can use the "find" function to locate folders/files & the DVD they're on.

Minutiae (yes, I'm anal):
I use Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+Rs (000T02) and tend to go for the white inkjet hub printable discs 'cause I can read my labeling easier than w/clear hubs.

I use Sharpies for labeling.

(During a scan something in ListMaker popped up as spyware. I can't remember what it was exactly but I deleted it and Listmaker continued to work fine. I'd been using LM for about a year and it had been scanned many times, so something new must have been added to the spyware Db. I don't remember what software ID'd it a spyware, but it was most likely Ad-Aware or Ewido (now AVG Anti-Spyware). I update & scan weekly w/A-A, AVG A-S, & Spybot S&D (it runs all the time)... AVG A-V & Windows Defender are always active & do auto-scans (Did I mention I'm anal?).

My "Files on DVD" doc is in rich text format (.rtf). I tried .txt format for speed, but RTF lets me 'bold' or 'color' or use different fonts with more flexibility... with TXT it's applied to the entire document. DOC (.doc) format offers even more flexibility, but it's more than I need and it loads a lot slower than RTF.

When I C&P from the ListMaker TXT doc to my "Files on DVD" document I paste to the bottom so they're listed sequentially. Each individual list within the document is labeled with the DVD number (DVD 0001) aligned to the right (bolded & large font) for quick scrolling/locating and the lists are separated by a line of "*****" (centered, bolded & red)
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