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Re: Torrent not seeding - possible causes?

Originally Posted by Five
invalid passkey means you have to download the torrent from ttd to get it "personalized"... download it from the announce thread, just as tho you were going to download it rather than seed it. get the old versions of the torrent out of there, only use the torrent from ttd. then you've gotta somehow get azureus pointed to the correct folder to get to 100%. I'm not sure exactly how azureus works since I use utorrent.
OK, I uploaded the torrent, and a little dialog box appears at the top of thread saying 'Click HERE to get your personalised torrent' - I clicked on HERE, and saved the torrent file on top of the torrent file I'd created through Azureus; i.e. replacing the old file with the personalised one, I thought....

Just searching my C: file for torrent files to double-check this, Windoze search finds 159 files ; ohmigawd, have I REALLY downloaded that much already....!?!?!?

However, back on track, there's only one Frankie Miller .torrent file, and I'm reasonably sure it's the one that I saved when I selected the personalised torrent as above......

No, strike that; there's two ; one with the filename that I gave it, and one with an underscore (_) as the first character; the underscore file was saved two days, ago, the one with the 'correct' filename today at 08.45 (which is when I uploaded today)

Next; delete both .torrent files, download the personalised torrent again, and see how we do from there ????

Regards, Graham
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