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Re: Convert to FLAC

Originally Posted by Five
can audacity cut a show correctly on the sector boundaries and save as multiple tracks?
I can't vouch for this, merely the split on labels as described. I have to say, like my Alesis Masterlink machine - it seems like I can define a split point anywhere and it automatically puts it on a sector boundary. It was good of Alesis to do this.

I spent a good few days getting used to Audacity, sorting split points, labels, etc., and at this point, it all seems a bit like a blind alley and time wasted; import the audio, set up fades, splits etc, and then try to export it, and IT DOESN'T EXPORT THE AUDIO IN THE FORMAT SPECIFIED ON ITS OWN MENU OPTION !!!

The last file I accessed was on 30th June; haven't opened the appln since then; in contrast, I've used the Alesis almost daily in compiling various 'projects'. A real 'dream machine'. I'll be torrenting on vinyl next, just wait and see.....

Regards, Graham
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