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Re: Convert to FLAC

okay go into Audacity's preferences menu (I think its ctrl+p) and set the export quality to 16bit, 44.1kHz (IMPORTANT!!). With this setting you can also change 48kHz (or whatever the wav used to be) to 44.1kHz using Audacity only if you feel like skipping the dbpoweramp step next time.

Then set snapping to CDDA sectors (see attatchment) to avoid Sector Boundary Errors (aka SBEs).

select from the beginning to where you want the first track to end, cut (ctrl+x), create a new file (ctrl+n I think, or from the menu on the upper-left), then paste into the new file (ctrl+v) and save as FLAC, set it to level 8. Continue until you get to the end of the show.

name the tracks something like this




run a len check on the files using TLH to be sure there are no SBEs
(scroll down a little ways for instructions... very easy ...

put the full fileset into your media player of chice (foobar2000/whatever) and listen carefully to every track transition to be sure you got them numbered correctly and no audio missing (headphones are best here). Then listen to the entire show on speakers or headphones if that's how you normally listen to make sure everything is as it should be.

you also need to write a lineage, something like:

your recorder > WAV (bit/kHz) > DBpoweramp (convert to 16bit/44.1kHz WAV) > Audacity vx.x.x (tracking only, add notes if you do any fades/etc using this program) > FLAC

generate ffp/st5 (either one) using TLH, also in the same tutorial linked above and save them to the folder with the FLAC files. put a text file with all your info (what you posted above + lineage).

so at this point you've got everything you need to compile the final seed... I would name the folder something like ffighters2006-11-02.flac16 (16 meaning 16bit) and give the txt and ffp files a similar name like ffighters2006-11-02.txt and ffighters2006-11-02.ffp

make sure only the files that should be in there are in there. you can also make coverart and put it in if you like doing that sort of thing. if you're a paranoid person you can also run "test" mode on the FLAC files one more time (I usually do )

now make a copy of the ffp and txt files on your desktop. make sure every file in the folder is not in use by any program, and the original txt file is closed. Don't touch anything inside the folder from now on.

I use maketorrent 2.1 to generate the torrent for the folder

go to the audio upload page and fill in the form ... open the copy you made of the txt file and paste the contents into the text file window, open the copy you made of the ffp file with notepad, copy the contents and paste it into the fingerprints section. st5 checksums are also okay (but not md5 for audio). use the dropdowns to fill in the date, type in the full name of the artist and venue in the appropriate places, type of files, type of show yada yada...

at the bottom click the attatch torrent button, and upload the torrent you just created.

check it over, hit submit

the new thread will be created. now in order to start seeding, you have to download the torrent from this thread you just created. don't use the one on your hd because our tracker has to "personalize" it to let you connect.

let me know if I missed anything etc ... I'm looking forward to checking out some of your shows!
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