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Question Re: Torrent not seeding - possible causes?

OK, stopped the torrent in Azureus, used 'remove' to clear it from Azureus, checked to ensure that there weren't any 'stray' torrent files around anywhere else on the PC, and created a new torrent file using Azureus this time, not TLH. This looked a lot more positive, as the torrent immediately went to the lower 'seeding' window, rather than the upper 'downloading' window. I uploaded the torrent after a kind mod had pulled the original, and it's just sitting there - I'm showing 4 peers, none of whom are connected, and there doesn't seem to be any activity.

Azureus tells me, under Show Details > General tab;

"Connection Error (invalid reply: d1:failure reason 22:Invalid Passkey (0- )e)"

If anyone can tell me what this means ... i assume this is why the peers aren't connected?

Regards, Graham
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