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Should this dvd be pulled?

Here is the dvd in question?

No reason was given for it being pulled.

Reasons why it should be reinstated.
1. It is not transcoded even though the original broadcast was in PAL. It was originally authored before a thing called bittorrent or this site ever existed.
2. It is not the same as the post in question the user calls out. It contains extras not available on the other and the audio is clearly an upgrade even if it is a resynch. So it does have it's merits.

Also reading the person in questions comments on the original post it smacks of sour grapes to me because he didn't resynch it first. If someone resynch the PAL version with better audio then it should be considered the better of the 2 and this should be pulled at that point but until then it should be allowed on. If nothing else all pulled torrents should at least be given a reason by who pulled it why they did it even if it might seem self explainatory.
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