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Question iTunes Help Needed

Ok Ok Ok, so here is my problem:

I encode all my CD's to the AAC format, but then a friend asked me to burn him some mp3 CD's, so I used the converter in iTunes to convert to mp3 to a different file. So that was done with.

I then deleted all the mp3's, and then when I went back into iTunes, it showed each song as doulbe. When I clicked on the doubled song, the little exclamtion mark showed up and asked to locate the song. I even refreshed the the library and same thing. So I went back, deleted iTunes, restarted, and reinstalled, and it still shows up both songs.

I am worried that if I hook up my iPod it will do the same thing. And I am WAY too lazy to go through my entire collection and remove the doubled song.

Any help?
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