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Re: Torrent not seeding - possible causes?

Originally Posted by direwolf-pgh
First time is the hardest - you are showing up as a leech - not seeder.

clear the torrent from Azureus>
reselect the torrent file from your thread>
'Save' to the exact location of your hard drive (where the files exist)

..and then 'open' the torrent file ...? Nope, tried that; it checked the files and then still seems to be expecting to download rather than seed...

Try the second option now .... Do I use the 'new torrent' dialogue at this point, inputting the announce URL again..?

I'll need to watch folder name in future; I've got all the files in a folder called 'flac' - not too descriptive, I know, and Azureus is using this as the torrent name ... noted for next time!


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