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Question Torrent not seeding - possible causes?

Frankie Miller Band 1978-05-22 In Session 22 May 1978 (FLAC)

Uploaded yesterday - have 6 in swarm, 4 connected, but I'm not seeding -see also comments in above thread.

I created the torrent file with TLH, not Azureus; didn't realise this until after a half hour or so of inactivity (it was late ..). This is one possible cause.
Also, I set up an 'upload' folder with the flac files etc, which isn't the same one where Azureus normally places my downloads; second possible cause; can any of the mods or staff determine the actual cause from your end?

If I set up a new torrent file, I assume I need to upload it again, in which case could one of the mods or staff pull the inactive torrent....?

Oh, the shame of it; a failed first torrent .....

Regards, Graham
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