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Re: Moving torrents to alternate hard drives (Utorrent and XP)?

Originally Posted by bocajoes
I am using Utorrent on a Windows XP machine. Until recently I had a small HD to work with (about 5- 7 gigs free at most). I would save a show and keep the torrent alive for a few weeks and then be forced to delete the files so that I could free space for additional downloads (my iPod was my only backup).

I recently purchased a 500 gig external hard drive and I now save all of my files on the external hard drive. But I still have torrents on my C drive drive that I want to continue to seed. I move the torrents but Utorrent continues to look for the files on my C drive, not my external. When it doesn't see the files on the C drive, it starts to download them again even though the torrent file is on the external drive.

How do I re-point Utorrent to the external hard drive? I'm sure it is something simple, but I am experiencing an ID10T error right now.

the easiest way is to use the Add Torrent ( no default save ) option. Its the second choice you see when clicking the file button at the top left of Utorrent .

this way when you select a torrent file Utorrent will open the context menu and let you pick a folder. pick the folder where the concert is and Utorrent will recheck it and then start seeding.

If Utorrent does not see your external hardrive when browesing folders then you have another problem alltogether.
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