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Re: Sound volume question

I'll be trying the line in thing then.. does that mean i need a preamp on top of the battery/roll-off box then ? Or would anything with a sound volume control do ? I must say that, impedence questions aside, i don't feel too good about adding more into the signal chain..

I've been having a look at the minidisc site and their recording guide there.. the guy who compiled it has the idea that the lower the recording (he's suggesting to aim for -20db) the more headroom one has for reediting and reequalizing it afterwards. I was wondering how you guys would feel about that matter ?

Also, i've started buggering the CS people about the cardioid matter, although they had been advising me for the binaural when i was undecided between both.. one of their argument being that if i was "close" to the soundsource, i should go for the omnidirectional.. but o f course "close to" can be defined in many ways :/
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