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Moving torrents to alternate hard drives (Utorrent and XP)?

I am using Utorrent on a Windows XP machine. Until recently I had a small HD to work with (about 5- 7 gigs free at most). I would save a show and keep the torrent alive for a few weeks and then be forced to delete the files so that I could free space for additional downloads (my iPod was my only backup).

I recently purchased a 500 gig external hard drive and I now save all of my files on the external hard drive. But I still have torrents on my C drive drive that I want to continue to seed. I move the torrents but Utorrent continues to look for the files on my C drive, not my external. When it doesn't see the files on the C drive, it starts to download them again even though the torrent file is on the external drive.

How do I re-point Utorrent to the external hard drive? I'm sure it is something simple, but I am experiencing an ID10T error right now.
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