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Re: Recommendations for ripping 16-bit and 24-bit to flac

Got 3 files from one of my CD24 discs copied to the HDD, and they saved as .AIF files. Renamed them to .WAVs and attempted to use FLAC frontend to decode/save them as flacs. FLAC frontend is v. 1.7.1 etree edition, and I also installed the flac codec from, v. 1.1.4b.

Added the input files to the FLAC frontend file window, and when I click decode, it opens up a cmd prompt window and attempts to do things with the files.

For all 3 files, it protests;

'File not found; (folder name)/V SPHINX.flac' where V SPHINX.WAV is the first input file, similar msg w diff filenames for other 2. So I tried creating an empty txt file in the target directory, renaming it V SPHINX.FLAC, and get a new error;

'Output file (folder name)/V SPHINX.flac' already exists, use -f to override.

Now I'm familiar with batch files, and using switches such as -f to modify the execution of the file, but how can I use -f from the frontend?

Is there any way of copy/pasting the text from the cmd prompt window in Win XP? There's a few other messages about headers etc but the above seemed the most significant.....

Regards, Graham
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