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Re: Recommendations for ripping 16-bit and 24-bit to flac

You had me worried there - I thought at first the whole of your post was just reprinting the Alesis manual for me ..... all I've done with the CD24s so far is archive some special analogue shows and store them for safekeeping; didn't occur to me that they could be so simply ripped to the HDD.

Since my last post, I found the 'Essential ripping guide for EAC' at

This looks a good doc, will be digesting this over the next day or so .... also in the process of installing EAC and TLH, so all going well there...

Regarding the last para, when burning 16-bit 44.1, the Alesis is burning a 'red book' CD which is playable on a standard CD player; when I browse these in the PC drive, the separate tracks are written as .cda files; as per commercial CDs, as far as I can tell. I take this to mean they're not being 'burned as data' in your terms ...?

Regards, Graham
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