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help w/ forum stats (seeding)

hi all

im rather new here, registered and downloaded 2x buckethead dvds and seeded them some short time as far as I could on my 3072/352 adsl.

now I have reinstalled windows, but saved .torrent files and actual DVDs on HDD and I want to seed back up to get my ratio 1:1 or more.

I have import .torrent files back to utorrent and point to folders with DVD's but problem is that forum doesnt see that im uploading. When i go to check actual torrents


i can see my name on peer list, and connected time, but it says im not uploading anything although im connected over 40mins and my utorrent uploaded over 250mb

maybe someone can help me ?

also if u click on my profile u can see i'm currently downloading third buckethead dvd , but that's from my job server with torrentflux ( theres symetric up and down so ratio shouldnt be a problem ;O) . Mb my ratio counter doesnt work from my home coz I have already started to down/up there 1st ?

cheers all , 1st post btw ;O)
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