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Re: Need A Mac Genius!

I must say I know sweet FA about AppleScript but if you're absolutely sure that you've removed all traces of xACT, including the .plist mentioned above, then the problem must surely lie in something in your system that changed after the Security Update ?

In that case I'd go to and download the relevant *COMBO* update for your operating system & processor type ( note the subtle emphasis on COMBO).

Before applying the update, repair permissions. This is very probably pointless but it will do no harm and people who know far more than me still recommend it, so go ahead. Run the update (that's the COMBO update btw) and, once all the restarts have taken place, repair permissions again. Now run Software Update and install the Security Update if still required. You can repair permissions again if you want but now download xACT, install it and stand well back.....
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