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Question I'm not getting this firewall business .... (yet)

I'm using Azureus, on a desktop machine with Win XP Home, connecting to Internet thru a BT Homehub router (believed to be a re-branded Speedtouch). Win XP firewall is OFF (Select Network Connections, Local Area Connection, Right Click - Properties, Advanced tab, and the Internet Connection Firewall box is not checked), and I have no other firewall software running. I do have AVG free edition running as a virus scanner.

When I first installed Azureus, I left the defaults alone, and it used Port 6881 (I think). It ticked along quite nicely, and then one day I was firewalled.

I freely admit at this point that I haven't read everything in the FAQs here, nor the Azureus Wiki; people gotta work and sleep, as well as download, but ....

I did some reading in the FAQs here, checked the Wiki, did some googling, and, cut long story short, I'm now using port 49152 (Tools, Options, Connection 'Incoming TCP / UDP Listen Port. Peer Sources are all checked). Everything ticked along nicely, and then (yesterday, I think - maybe earlier) I find that I'm firewalled again.

I haven't done any port forwarding through the router yet; I've got info/instructions for that, but the bit I' m really not getting is ;

How can I be in good shape one day, and firewalled the next? What's changing, and who or what is making the change?

Regards, Graham
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