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Re: Sound volume question

Originally Posted by ReverbReverse
0-30 is the range i have for the *playing* volume on mine - is that what you're talking about ?
What i usually set on the recorder is the *recording* level - depending on the band, venue, etc. i usually land between 11 and 13, and that brings me just before distortion.
yes to *recording* level. when you've got a disc inserted and you're in pause-record mode a new option becomes available to adjust the levels manually by going menu>rec settings>rec volume>manual

the sample you gave is peaking at -7.36 dB on the left and -7.84 dB on the right, so you have headroom to turn it up a little more while you're recording the show. otherwise, you can boost it a little after the fact. if you've been using manual recording levels at 11-13 you could try it maybe at something like 14-16? what you've got now is too quiet, not close to distortion yet, so a higher recording level will help with that.

you were saying earlier that you couldn't set the levels, I thought I figured it out... now you're saying you've been setting it to 11-13 not meant to be insulting in any way, I just want to understand what you mean by this!
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