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Re: Sound volume question

Originally Posted by diggrd
Which input are you using, this MD has mic in and line in correct? I would be using the line in as long as the bass roll off you mention is also a battery box like this.
Yeah, by the looks and the url of the pic, that's pretty much mine. I use the mic in jack, and not the line in, since the recorder won't let me control the volume level, and even with the mic on low sensitivity, it would go on instant distortion.. i really can't get any closer to the source (save for starting to do security for the show, which would really be novel :-s) and i really don't move.

What's strange is that while the recording happens, the levels look fine on the index screen, just beneath distortion or hitting distortion only for brief instants, but then when i'm back home, i get that real low volume. I can edit it through audacity or other (in the meantime i got hooked with magix music studio..), normalize, equalize, amplify etc. but still it's fairly low, in comparison, say, with a "regular" cd..

Where would i find hard limiting or its equivalent in audacity ? If i don't allow clipping, it won't let me amplify it by more than 7 or 8 db.

Thank you for your time and the tips, anyway
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