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Re: How can I increase my upload rate?

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
Do you use a router? Then it probably has a built-in firewall. In order to get rid of your firewalled message, you will need to forward your ports - see the link in my sig for that.

Your max upload rate is set by your ISP. It is whatever you paid for. Usually if you pay more per month, you may get a higher max upload rate. You can do a speed test (usually your ISP provides one or you can google it) and find out what your actual max rate is. Just remember to get the value in bittorrent language, you will need to divide the number by 8. So, your 234 kb/s is actually about 29 KB/s.

KoolKat, he wasn't showing up on the list cuz he was using Opera which I don't list in my clients table. He should show up now.
Actually I don't use a router... just a simple connection into the wall... but thank you very much for your time, i do appreciate it. This place is awesome.
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