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Re: Is there a website for concerts that...

I like using this one I found recently

Tourfilter searches club websites and sends you email when your favorite bands come to town
We used to miss too many shows -- we'd hear about them after tickets they sold out, or worse, read about them in the Globe the day after. Maybe even in the Metro (oh, the shame!)

So we wrote a program to download all the area club listings daily, search for bands we liked, then send out email. That's Tourfilter. And it's not just for us, it's for everyone (chances are, we're in your city or coming soon).

In short, Tourfilter has tools to:

Track as many bands as you can think of and send you an email when a show is announced.
Combine your friends' calendars into one place.
Listen to tens of thousands of MP3 and RealAudio tracks by bands with upcoming shows.
Browse recent music blog listings, organized by band.
Get show updates via RSS and iCal.

You'll never get spam from Tourfilter. And humans keep an eye on things to make sure the shows Tourfilter finds are the ones you're looking for.

In case you haven't noticed, Tourfilter is a work in progress. Please email us (info at tourfilter) with feedback, suggestions or issues!

- Tourfilter
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