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Re: Seeding/Increasing my .40ratio...

it's also possible the client is set to seed for a short period after completion so that it automatically shuts down minutes after completion...if the client says you're seeding properly but not connected to anyone, than I don't know, could be your firewall, but if you were connected to leechers before completion, you should be able to connect to them post completion (I would think) regardless of the firewall (though that DOES limit the number of folks you can connect to) so open the ports if you can and give us an update, and also check the settings on the client...tell us what you use and what you find out in your trial and error and I'll add any more advice I may have, and I'm sure someone will help you out...good luck, it's nice to have someone try so hard to share when they aren't forced to (or easily able to) it's a great attitude to have and greatly appreciated friend
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