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Re: Seeding/Increasing my .40ratio...

Are you using a Bittorrent client with encryption, and if you are, is that encryption enabled? That could be once source of your not being able to upload after completing a torrent. Encryption fights various ISP's attempts to throttle or limit bittorrent activity. I used to use a client without encryption, and was not able to upload after completing a torrent. Now I do use a client with encryption, and I am able to upload after completing with no problem. Bittornado 3.18 is a good client with encryption, and Azeurus is also a good client with encryption.

Edit: I see you are using Bittornado 3.10. This version doesn't have encryption. Upgrade to 3.18 and you should have no problem uploading to non-firewalled peers once you complete. When you forward a port in your firewall, you will be able to upload and download to and from both non-firewalled peers and firewalled peers. I use Bittornado 3.18 myself, and it is great.

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