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Re: video cameras.

wow, thats ridiculously cheap! i remember when we paid just under $2000 for one and thought we were gettin a good deal

i've used the GL2 regularly a few years back, not so much for live shows due to the low light issue Salt mentioned, but for documentary/digicam work...great for what it is, but no interchangable lens system, which for me is a

if yer mainly gonna be using the cam for shows, and you don't have $5000+ to spend -- the Sony DCR-PC1000 is the only way to go imo

i mentioned buying a new "small cam" last year & some of the phish taper kids around here kept touting its predecessor [the PC100] and said i should check out the PC1000...they were right!

excellent image quality & low light performance, Carl Zeiss lens, you can change tapes without taking the cam off the tripod, and its real small -- hell, the head on my tripod is bigger than the cam if that tells ya anyting
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