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Seeding/Increasing my .40ratio...

Hi. I am not sure if this post should go here but hopefully someone can still offer me some advice with it.

I have only been a member for several weeks now, less than a month, and my ratio stands at .40. I know, not horrible for the amount ive DLed, but i do wanna raise it becuase i think it is important to give back if taking so much wonderful stuff. ALL of the ULed amount of mine has come from when i am still downloading a file and people are uploading (as it says in my open Bittorrent boxes). However, when my downloads are complete, i leave the box open becuase i think im letting more people download it from me.

However, as soon as im done dowloading, the box is telling me that despite people still needed the DL, no one is uploading it from me...

So i guess my question is...A) Is leaving my box open upon my downloads completion going to allow other users to continue to upload from me? B)Is leaving this box open the same as seeding a show, because i thought it was? and C) i have no access to shows besides here, and if peole are getting the music from bt.etree, then i really have nothing to offer, yet i want to be even keel in terms of dl to ul ratio. How do you recommend i do that? Can i "seed" a show once i have finished downloading it, if in fact leaving my box open has nothing to do with seeding, as i previously thought it did.

Any help is appreciated.

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