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Re: video cameras.

Originally Posted by Mr. Magoo
Thought I might mention I recently saw a JVC with a 30GB HD for $499. I have never used a camera with a hard drive, but I am looking at going that route for myself. To me the best selling point is that I do need to change tapes and splice/merge them later.

Link: JVC 30 GB Hard Drive Camera
here's camcorderinfo's review on that JVC model:

one thing to keep in mind, pretty much any consumer-level hard drive cam isn't going to capture in raw .avi or .dv, but will compress your footage to mpeg2 on-the-fly...and that comes with glitches/issues, including the fact that alot of NLE progs won't accept mpeg2 files for editing, and you will have to convert to avi or similar, do your edit, and then re-compress once your project is completed -- double compression = quality loss

i'm not saying no one should buy a hard drive cam, just think about all the angles first...and really check out when comparing -- the reviews aren't by random consumers, but pofessionals who *really* test out and know about the features
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