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I need a sound sync expert to do a job for me (reward in it for you!)

I got two Rage Against the Machine shows with great video but terrible, borderline unbearable sound. Recently, much better separate audience recordings surfaced on Dimeadozen for both shows.

I need to "hire" someone to put in the effort to sync the FLAC to the DVD with perfect sync. I'll mail you the show or shows, you sync, then you mail back the fixed copy. In return for your effort, I will give you one Rage Against the Machine video show and one audio show or short video of your choice for each DVD you fix. It's alright if you choose to do only one because of time constraints or whatever.

You must be an expert and must get the video and audio synced perfectly. Your reward will be mailed to you after I receive your work. Your reward, if you choose to accept the mission, will come from

Thanks in advance guys!
Rage Against the Machine list:

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