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Audacity and error messages

I set up Audacity 1.2.6 on my laptop, and having spent an entertaining couple of days learning the interface, etc, I needed a couple of .flac files out of it to form my first upload.

I made sure the uncompressed export format was set to .flac, not .wav, and selected 'Export Multiple' (having set up a label track to define the split points).

I got an error dialog reading 'Cannot export to (file location)' - I click 'OK' in this dialog and get another dialog box reading 'Successfully exported 0 files'

I tried 'Export as FLAC', and got the same result without the second dialog box.

In both cases, .flac files are created in the target location, but with 0 bytes in them.

Changed the uncompressed file export format to .wav, and it exports the files OK, but on playback, they're choppy and garbled, whereas the playback within audacity, and the original source tape, is fine.

There's no hint as to WHY it can't export FLAC - what does one do when confronted with such obscure error messages?

I know, I know - do a google search. Meanwhile, any hints from anyone...?

Regards, Graham
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