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Re: HD Question

Originally Posted by s1ndy_Beale
OK fair enough. I am not prepared to downgrade this recording. To me thats the same as downsampling to mp3. I was under the impression that preserving quality was of upmost importance to the scene.

thats cool, thanks for taking to time to answer

pease puddin'

Quality is the utmost importance here. If we were to allow it here it would have to be in a burnable format which would most likely be BluRays. The technology has not caught up with Blu-Rays yet in terms of distribution. The files will be 25(single layer)-50 GB(dual) per disc. I agree it's the way to go.... Just not ready for primetime yet. I do know some people that are already making BluRay backups.... so when internet service catches up, they will be here.
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