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Re: Video Drag after download

werd...but ya still haven't answered--did the md5 checksum pass? [i.e. every file says "ok"]...if not, you need to run the torrent again and re-d/l the bad file(s)

firmware is basically updates for yer cd or dvd burner...figure out what drive you have [manufacturer and model] and then google it + firmware...the manufacturers' site should have updates for yer particular drive...d/l and run the update, and yer good to go...note: this *could* fix yer problem, and maybe not...but its good to keep yer drive's firmware up-to-date anyway

other possibilities:

how old is the burner? if you've been burning a bunch of discs for a few years. its probably time for a new drive

are you using a new brand or batch of blank discs?

i apologize for continuing to ask so many questions, lots of possibilities with this one...but no worries, we'll figure it out eventually
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