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Re: Newbie stuff

I have been collecting music since the 1970's and all of those old boxes of analog tapes were great. Unfortunately, they were noisey... the unfortunate nature of high generation dubs. Many of those shows are now historic. But, some of us have gone to great lengths to obtain the lowest generation, least noisy recordings to do the transfer to digital. The quality of material available to us is nothing short of miraculous!

My 2 cents... Some jazz would would be nice! Bring it on! I am still learning. This is how I started. I located pre-existing material that seemed to meet our rules about trade friendly bands and had good sound (with complete lineage info). I made sure these shows were not already available here and that they had become inactive elsewhere. Then, I went throught the process to upload here at Traders Den.

Once you get the hang of the system... it becomes a question of sharing your trade friendly music with the extra effort to properly transfer & carefully document those files. I may not be telling you anything you don't already know... so thanks for listening. I love this place and I encourage you to share what you have when you are able. The key to lossless music is not to introduce added generations and that is what seperates us from all those who don't bother to make that effort.

Now... if I could only find a way to undo the noise on some of my older, hi-generation analog recordings without introducing more loss to the high fidelity
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