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Re: Question(s) about 24 bit and 16 bit

r8brain looks like the holy grail to a novice like myself. Thanks! I just wish I had found it about a week ago

I found a really good forum over here when I was searching on what to do in Audacity. It covers just about every scenario possible. Sounds like triangle dithering was the way to go. I thing shaped is the default. When editing my wav files, I dithered with shape and then with triangle when I took out the excess silence. According to the tutorial, I should've gone triangle and then none. Anyway, I made a copy of the 16 bit converted from the 24 bit that I did in Audacity and I now have no pops, no silence and everything changes seamlessly. So, now I know what to do (and not to do) in Audacity and r8brain. I'm going to make a copy using r8brain and compare the two.

I learned some new things playing around with Audacity though that I didn't know before. Searching and reading the forums over there, r8brain seems to be pretty well accepted among the masses if all you are doing is a simple conversion. Audacity is more robust and you can play around with the dithering, but for my needs r8brain should do the trick from now on. And you don't have to edit out the silence at the end.
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