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Re: Admin-level source changes

Since there is no way of contacting admin as a whole, and I don't feel up to emailing 20 or so people individually, I'll do it here.

To the Admins of TTD:
You've seen the posts, I'm not going to rehash the events. I let a bunch of self-proclaimed experts get under my skin, and when it was thrown in my face that the "expert opinion" originated on here, a fail-safe neuron somewhere inside my head failed to communicate and as a result I went overboard. In retrospect I find this totally reprehensible, but yesterday I felt quite justified. I took the comments to be personal attacks on my reputation as a trader as I've NEVER had anybody say they had bad vibes about my shows/trades in my 6 or 7 years of collecting. Instead of compartmentalizing the attacks as meaningless internet bullshit, I said a lot of things that were unnecessary and uncalled-for, and while I realize one can not retract the printed word, I know now I was out of control and ask you to find some level of forgiveness for my actions. I stand (well, actually sit) here totally humiliated in the light of the fact that I just went totally overboard. This COULD have been settled in a far more peaceful, productive way, and I accept total responsibility for my actions. I hereby offer my sincere and humble apology for all that I said, and all that has transpired from this incident. If you see fit to punish me, I'll have to accept that as well.

I'm sorry.

I also posted that I was all done with any further interaction of this affair (notwithstanding any Admin action), and respectfully ask that you, as Admins, admonish any further flaming in future threads. I'm humiliated, I'm sincerely apologetic, and I would just like to get back to the music. I await your disposition on this matter.
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