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Re: Admin-level source changes

For the benefit of Patty Mac and babyfaceparizzi- I seeded this show on another tracker, I seeded it as A SBD as when I got it in 2003, thats what I got it as. Now, agreeably (or arguably, whichever) its not the best sounding SBD, but it not being my show, I have no right to re-label shows according to whim. There are tons of SBD's that seem like AUD's, and vice versa. Which is why I asked for "indisputable proof". Someone's ears (the measure of proof offered thus far) was someone's ears. Someone I don't know. Who do they think they are? I realize everyone on the internet is an expert on everything, which is why I wanted "indisputable proof". And when I seed a show, I put it up, make sure its running, then leave it. I do not return to the thread, I simply watch my client, and when I see the infinity sign, I know its in the hands of others. I return to the thread ONLY if email notification requires me too. I work 2 jobs, and don't have time to sit at my server all day.
My anger stems from the fact that on the other tracker, things got totally out of hand. I tried keeping the comments to private emails, but they wound up being posted in the thread anyway. The "indisputable proof" offered was the fact I had it labeled an AUD on this tracker. Imagine my surprise, and outrage, when I checked the thread, and Lo and Behold, the torrent had been edited without my notification. I have no problem with it being edited, the Mods are Mods because they are more technically adept (or savvy), and I, as well as others, take their word as The Word. But I still feel it is common courtesy to notify a seedeer that the torrent has been edited. As of 8:34am 2007-07-05, my email notification STILL has not been received (although by now I am well aware of it).
For the rest of you that have problems with me or my torrents, don't download them. I've been trading for years, my reputation is untarnished. after reflecting on this issue last night, I've come to the conclusion that the majority of you self-proclaimed experts wouldn't know shit if it hit you in the face, and I can't let the likes of you ruin my experience.
As for my lambasting the Mods, I will be sending them an email with my full and sincere apologies. But you heard it here first...I eat my crow when I'm wrong, and I'm currently dining.
I'm going back to trading, you folks can sit and pontificate all you want.
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