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Re: Question(s) about 24 bit and 16 bit

Slow as molasses is right! I just tried a 24/96 wav and got the same results as you. I guess I didn't notice the slowdown of going from 48 > 44.1 when I did it earlier, but I did notice it when I did 48 > 44.1 again. Also 48 > 44.1 slows it down less than going 96 >44.1. There must be some setting that we are missing. Either that or Audacity is a piece of shit for resampling!! You shouldn't have to edit out the silence at the end of a track for every wav!! Not to worry, there is a much better free sample rate converter here:

Get the Win GUI version. Use the very high quality setting for best results. It takes quite a while to convert, but there is a batch mode, so you can input all your files and start it, then come back in like an hour and it will be done. You can still use Audacity to dither and convert 24/96 > 16/96. Just keep the sample rate the same. I'm not sure what the best dither setting is: triangle, rectangle, or shaped. r8brain will convert bit depths for you but I don't think it dithers, so it would be good to keep Audacity for dithering. I took a 24/96 wav, then dithered and converted to 16/96 with Audacity, then resampled to 16/44.1 with r8brain and the results are great. No slowdown, and no silence was added at the beginning or end of the track.
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