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Re: Question(s) about 24 bit and 16 bit

O.K. here is what I did. I converted the 24-bit flac files to wav files and then ran a len check. Everything was o.k. No errors. Then I took each 24-bit wav file and converted them to a 16-bit, 44 kHz sample rate wav file in Audacity. I then ran another len check and everything was o.k with no errors. However, when I went to listen to each wav file there now is a 2-3 second gap at the end of each wav file. I don't know enough about Audacity to know if there is a setting that I should've ticked off or on so I wouldn't get the 2-3 seconds of silence at the end of each wav file. I tried burning with EAC and the gaps are still there at the end of each song (like I figured since what you hear on a wav file is what you'll get. I guess I was hoping EAC would do something for me.). I've started a nice collection of cd coasters. Thankfully, they're cheap.

I simply imported each file and then set the project rate at 44. I then exported the file as a 16-bit wav file. Nothing more than that. I'm sure there is something else that needs to be done but I'm an Audacity neophyte.

I checked the preferences to see if there was any setting and I don't see one. The default under latency for audio to buffer is 100 milliseconds. Latency correction is set at 0 seconds. There's a heading called "Quality" under preferences and there's a conversion section. Those settings are set at "Real Time Sample Rate Converter = Fast Sinc Interpolation" and the Dither is set to "None". The "High Quality Sample Rate Converter = High Quality Sinc Interpolation" and the Dither is set to "Shaped". Whatever the hell that means

I'm sure it's something I'm not doing (or should be doing) in Audacity. I just wish I knew WTF it was!
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