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Unhappy Sound volume question

Hi, i've been asking a few questions here while i started recording a few shows in february and march. I've been trying ever since to work on the files i got, but there' s a problem i don't seem to solve.

I'm using a sony mz-rh 1 recorder, with a core sound binaural microphone and a bass roll-off; the recorder is set as follows : PCM, low sensitivity (for the mic), manual, and i set the volume on whatever the sound setup of the venue allows to record at -12db or slightly above.. so in theory i guess i'm doing things by the book ?

The sound i get is pretty clear, and when i listen to it on the mcd player it's great, provided i push the playing volume up to the max.. but as soon as i have the files transferred to the computer and converted to .wav (i do that, unfortunately, through SonicStage) it becomes obvious the sound is ridiculously, as i have to push everything to the max, and even that way it's not as loud as i would want it to be. Then if i start trying to amplify it (i've been doing that with audacity, and windows movie maker, but as soon as i do that it goes straight into saturation, wayyyy before reaching a sound volume that would be satisfactory.

Is there anything i can do, either while recording, or now to recover these ? I'd be willing to buy some software too, provided it's affordable..

Thank you in advance for any help or advice
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