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Re: Question(s) about 24 bit and 16 bit

Yes, I ran the len check with TLH. I did it after I converted the 24-bit to 16-bit and it had sector boundary errors. I fixed them with TLH and was error free. Then when I burned the cd's they came out with pops in between the tracks on some of the tracks. Someone who had uploaded the 16 bit version of the show had numerous pops within the songs so I decided to download the original 24-bit version to see if it was in the original recording. It wasn't so I converted to the 16-bit. Mine are only occuring between tracks which sounds like SBE's, but the len check says everything is fine. That is what has me confused.

I haven't burned the show to DVD from the 24-bit so I guess they could be on there too. The len check on the 24-bit version was error free.
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