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Re: Harddrive space

Giant files is a good place to check first.

If you run a lot of Java animations on a PC another place to check is your Java cache. For some reason in my set-up this cache never gets cleared. On my system it is here:

Documents and Settings->[Your-Username]->Application Data->Sun->Java->Deployment->cache->javapi->vx.y->file

where "vx.y" is whatever version of Java you are using (e.g. "v1.0").

Way down in that directory called "file" is stuff that never gets cleared on my system. It is mostly small image files but there might be thousands of them. It can really build up in there, and it seems you have to delete it all manually (unless I am missing something obvious).

At least worth checking out...I discovered this myself when my "boot" drive also started mysteriously filling up.

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