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Re: My first attempt at taping and I screwed!

Gotta agree that this is more work than it is worth other than the value of marital harmony.
I would think at best you could make something barely listenable from this and you would have better luck tracking down some other recording of this show.
this one is up on dad
Taylor Hicks
April 24th, 2007.
Lifestyle Communities Pavilion - Columbus, OH.
01. Intro > Gonna Move
02. Give Me Tonight
03. Dream Myself Awake
04. Hell Of A Day *
05. Compared To What
06. Wherever I Lay My Hat **
07. My Friend
08. The Deal
09. Hold On To Your Love #
10. Just To Feel That Way
11. Medicated Goo ##
12. Heaven Knows ^
13. The Maze ^^
14. The Right Place
15. Runaround %
16. ~ Encore ~
17. Naked In The Jungle %%
Scene of a Perfect Crime

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anybody else who decides to call me a fuckhead troll newbie (you know who you are) should be made to listen to phish bootleg taped by a '73 led zeppelin taper
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