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Re: My first attempt at taping and I screwed!

in audition you can use effects>amplitude>hardlimiting and there is boost available there.

for click repairs in audition you can use effects>noise reduction>click/pop eliminator>*fix single click now*

best to hit the clicks one at a time, normally 30-100 samples processed at once is sufficient to fix any click. don't run the wholesale auto click fix as it will still miss many of them and smooth out a lot of stuff that should be left alone.

autogain sounds really awful, I haven't found any way to reverse it. You could also try an expander set to the exact opposite of the original compression which is decent in theory but pretty much impossible in practice.

I've also used the iTalk and found the "low gain" setting is still a little too loud for concert recording resulting in a fair bit of clipping but not as bad as autogain, of course. There's also an external input where a headphone volume control can be inserted for attenuation, but it is mono (!! ).
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