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Re: My first attempt at taping and I screwed!

Originally Posted by paulisme
Okay, so I took my wife to the Taylor Hicks concert tonight in Charleston, SC, and decided I would make my first foray into taping. I bought a Griffin iTalk voice recorder attachment for my iPod, and after trying it out at home, I found that it actually made a pretty decent recording as long as the automatic gain setting was turned off. Well, I didn't realize that the iTalk didn't keep its settings after being disconnected from the iPod, so, with automatic gain being the default setting, I ended up recording the whole show with auto-gain on. What a disaster. The volume is up and down constantly as the unit switches from low to high gain, with pops in between the switches. My wife is so pissed at me. Is there any way possible I could salvage this recording? I'm including an MP3 sample so you can hear the problems I'm talking about.
Here's a sample of a quick attempt to fix this by using hard limiting in Audition with a setting of -12dB limit and boost of 9dB. the two channels may require independent values as they are quite a bit different in volume.

The Hard Limiting effect drastically attenuates audio that rises above a defined threshold, leaving audio below the threshold unaffected. This effect is particularly useful for increasing perceived volume because you can amplify audio beyond the digital maximum, 0 dbFS, and you can lower areas that would otherwise be clipped. For example, when you convert from 32-bit to 16-bit audio, particularly loud 32-bit passages can cause 16-bit clipping. To prevent clipping, you can either use the Normalize effect to reduce the amplitude of the entire file (lowering perceived volume), or you can use the Hard Limiting effect to reduce amplitude only for loud passages (increasing perceived volume).
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Scene of a Perfect Crime

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anybody else who decides to call me a fuckhead troll newbie (you know who you are) should be made to listen to phish bootleg taped by a '73 led zeppelin taper
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