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Re: Question about standalone DVD recorders - AC3 & PCM?

Originally Posted by 4candles
Otherwise, you are introducing unneccessary analogue stages in both the video and the audio. You shouldn't have any problem authoring a DVD with PCM audio using PC software.
i agree with this statement. there is an exception, however... if the setup is PC > firewire port/cable > standalone DVD recorder (firewire input, which some standalones have), then that would be a digital transfer from PC to standalone.

before any flames come, i did check out the model in question that the original poster mentioned, and i did note that particular model doesn't appear to have a firewire input. i was just pointing out that some standalone recorders do have the (digital) firewire input.

even still, i'd much rather burn a DVD using a PC recorder, regardless, because it's just plain quicker.
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