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Re: Question(s) about 24 bit and 16 bit

Originally Posted by Tubular
So you are saying that you can input 16/44.1 files into Audio DVD Creator and it will upsample to 16/48 for you, then author the DVD? I'm not sure how much of a quality difference there would be between Audio DVD Creator's upsampling and Audacity's or Soundforge.
Yes. You collect the wav files & the program will upsample to PCM, then author the DVD.
Im just not familiar what 'method' or codec they are using. I was impressed with the results.
Originally Posted by Tubular
If you upsample and bit expand from 16/44.1 to 24/96, then you will not be able to fit as many minutes of music on a disc, which is a major drawback, esp. if it doesn't make a huge difference in sound quality. Maybe you could try upsampling and bit expanding one 16/44.1 show that you have to 24/96 with Audacity or SF, then doing an A/B comparison. If the 24/96 sounds noticeably better with your DVD player & Digital to Analog converter combo, then go for it, if you don't mind fitting less minutes of music on a disc. My guess is it probably won't make a huge difference in sound quality even if you have a lower end player.
Im not a broke college student. Im playing back on a mid-range $5k component stereo system. The dvd-a/sacd/dts is a newer sony...nothing newsworthy but not a pos either. Most of my concern is about the upsample conversion - who has the best codec - and/or is this procedure technically/sonically 'wrong'.

The only reason Im interested in this procedure is having one concert, seamless on one disc. (sometimes having second set on 2discs is a bummer)
Originally Posted by Audioarchivist
I may be way off base here, but wouldn't upsampling 16/44.1 recordings be pretty redundaant, the same as upsampling mp3 to wav is totally useless, or upsampling a video CD to a dvd video...
It seems to me that it would just makes those files bigger and bloated, I'm not too sure it would make the sound better, unless your ad/da converters are shite at 16/44.1 and awesome at 16/48.
This is what I believed - just want to ensure Im not degrading the 'soon-to-be considered lossy' 44.1/16 stuff any worse than it is.

Originally Posted by Tubular
Holy crap, I just upsampled a 16/44.1 wav to 16/48 with Wavelab and played it back in Winamp and the difference is incredible!!! The 16/48 sounds unbelievable compared to the 16/44.1! I definitely prefer the upsampled wav! I guess it is because I'm using the stock crappy soundcard that came in my Dell laptop!
you cant sample music on laptop speakers - you are fired!
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