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Re: Question(s) about 24 bit and 16 bit

Holy crap, I just upsampled a 16/44.1 wav to 16/48 with Wavelab and played it back in Winamp and the difference is incredible!!! The 16/48 sounds unbelievable compared to the 16/44.1! I definitely prefer the upsampled wav! I guess it is because I'm using the stock crappy soundcard that came in my Dell laptop! The Hydrogen forum quote is right!!! If you have a crappy soundcard or DAC, upsampling will definitely improve the sound quality. I know it isn't a 24 bit soundcard because it won't play a 24 bit wav in Windows Media Player. The PC I did the other test on did have a 24 bit soundcard, and I guess it was a much better soundcard with a much better DAC, so I guess I noticed the non-integer multiplication of going from 44.1 to 48.

This is big news IMO for anyone with a crappy DAC! Try upsampling a 16/44.1 wav to 16/48 on your PC and see if it sounds better! Holy shit!
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