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a couple quick questions

hey guys. I've been trying to use a tracker to download some unofficial live music recordings. unfortunately, the computer I'm using is being blocked by a firewall from the gateway it's using, so my ratio is somewhere around 0.033 (I realized the problem after one download). I'm aware that I could do that port forwarding thing to get by it, but is there another way to do it so the only computer it affects is my own?

see, I have an apple imac that uses airport, connecting to the gateway that's hooked up to my family's general-use comp. the problem is, it's a somewhat dated dell pc, and it's kind of in rough shape. we're going to need a new one soon, cause it's just FILLED with glitches and problems. I don't want to open ports if it means that the pc is going to be even MORE vulnerable to viruses and such.

basically, I'd rather not forward ports if it puts the pc at more risk. unfortunately I don't know any other way around.

also, there's the whole legal thing. musicians like phish are very pro-trading, so that means that downloading torrents of amateur recordings of (anyone's) shows that have not been officially released is perfectly legal, correct? (RIAA is making me paranoid)

and LASTLY, when I'm up at college, they've got their own firewall. any tips on how to get by colleges' firewalls?
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