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Re: Question about Nero "Test Scores" on Data DVDs

I don't think you're being too anal at all. Everything I burn for archival purposes, I always burn at least two copies of. One copy I keep out as a working copy and when I need to retreive files, I go to that copy. The second copy immediately goes on a spindle that's nothing but long-term archives, and sits on the back of a shelf in a closet in my den which is always cool and dark. If ever one of the working copies fail, I make a new working copy for the archive copy.

If I had more of everything important.. (money and time lol) I'd have at least one more copy of everything to store off-site. (IE a relitive's house), so that if I ever suffered catastrophic loss, such as a fire, I'd still have that offsite stuff.

On an entirely unrelated note, I also recomend that everyone that has a video camera use it to do a complete home invantory every couple years. In the event of a total loss, most people are remembering TONS of stuff long after the claim period has ended. Video is a great way to do a VERY thorough invantory rather quickly. Store that invantory tape off-site, obviously.

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