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Re: Help with jerky file!

Originally Posted by jameskg
gspot says it is DiVX 5.0..

. . . Download ye the K-Lite Codec pack, which comes with "Media Player Classic". MPC looks like the old Windows Media PLayer, but don't be fooled... it is very powerful.. plays just about everything including those pesky (shitty) files without having to launch a monsterous Apple player that wants you to remember to upgrade your ass off every 4 days . . .
MPC is great!

Unfortunately QuickTime Alternative is no longer included in the K-lite Mega Codec Pack due to legal threats from Apple, Inc. You can still get QuickTime Alternative though:

Aside from all the great codecs, the K-lite Mega Codec Pack includes the lastest version of Media Player Classic as well as Real Alternative (I dislike RealPlayer almost as much as QuickTime). For whatever reason I had to DL & install Real Alternative separately to get it to work. I like Winamp with all the necessary plug-ins (Shorten, APE, Cue Player, WavPack & MP3 gap remover), but there is a Winamp Alternative for those that dislike Winamp:
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