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Re: Question(s) about 24 bit and 16 bit

Thanks Tubular. I figured you would know the answer. I've got plenty of storage so I luckily don't have to worry about that. I was going to use DVD-Audiofile and I have Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 to burn it. Does DVD-Audiofile create a true DVD-Audio or does it use DVD-Video to store the audio? I have a Panasonic DVD-Audio player that I'm going to play it on.

I know enough about the audio side to be fairly comfortable, but I'm still a novice at burning DVD's or DVD-Audio. I downloaded a show in 16 bit that someone converted from the 24 bit version and it had a lot of pops. So, I downloaded the 24 bit show which is flawless and I was going to experiment and burn my first DVD-Audio disc and then try and convert it to 16 bit for a cd. Thanks again.
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