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Re: Can't read DVD

I assume you are talking about this vine:

(I didn't know DVD players would play flac, that is why I though maybe you were talking about a DVD-A since we had mentioned "Audio DVD" and.... well, my mind just took off in a different direction like it sometimes does! )

I have received discs before in a Loop that I couldn't read and yet others could read. Since the person who then reseeded it was also on a Mac (like me), I couldn't conclude that it was a Mac vs PC thing (the original seeder burned it on a PC). My computer also reads +/-R and +/-RW and DL, so I didn't think it was any of those either, and it wasn't a DL. I never did figure out why (although someone who uses linux also couldn't read it), so I just had it reseeded.

I would ask the person before you to reseed it to you.
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